Nikhil Mayakuntla

Nikhil Mayakuntla

Nikhil Mayakuntla is a highly experienced Java Developer who has worked in the field for over nine years. Originally from West Des Moines, IA, Nikhil holds a Master’s degree in Computer Software Engineering from the University of Houston Clear Lake. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Pepsico, Walmart, Home Depot, GAP, and CIOX Health, where he has made significant contributions to various aspects of the tech industry. Nikhil is known for his innovative approach and expertise, and his work has left a lasting impact on the world of technology.

Interview with Nikhil Mayakuntla

How do you define success and how long did it take you to find it?

To me, it’s not just about reaching specific milestones or attaining certain positions. Success is a journey that involves continuous growth, learning, and making a positive impact in the world around me. It’s about achieving personal fulfillment while contributing to something meaningful. Along the way, I’ve set goals, worked hard, faced challenges, and celebrated victories. And with each step, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of what success truly means to me.

Q: What are the qualities of a good entrepreneur?

I believe a successful business owner needs to have a mix of different qualities, such as being able to see the big picture, handling tough times, being flexible, and taking smart risks. A clear vision helps them to spot opportunities that others might not notice, and being tough helps them to deal with the difficulties that come with running a business. Adapting to changes in the marketplace is also essential, so they can change direction when needed and stay up-to-date. Finally, being unafraid of taking calculated risks, combined with careful thought and planning, can result in new ideas and progress.

What challenges did you have to overcome at the beginning of your journey?

At the beginning of my journey, one of the biggest challenges I faced was gaining experience and establishing credibility in the industry. Coming from a diverse academic background, I had to work extra hard to prove myself and earn the trust of my peers and employers. Additionally, adapting to the rapidly changing technological landscape and staying updated with the latest trends and advancements presented its own set of challenges. However, through perseverance, dedication, and a continuous thirst for knowledge, I was able to overcome these obstacles and carve out a successful career path.

What’s one trend that excites you?

One trend that excites me is the increasing adoption of cloud-native technologies and the shift towards serverless architectures. This trend not only offers scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness but also empowers developers to focus more on building innovative solutions rather than managing infrastructure. As someone deeply involved in cloud-based application development, I find this evolution fascinating and look forward to exploring its full potential.

What advice would you give your younger self?

I would tell them that it’s important to not be afraid of failure. Each time we fail, we learn something new that can help us grow and become successful in the future. When I was starting my career, I would get discouraged by setbacks and failures, but looking back, I now see that each experience helped me learn and grow. I would also tell my younger self to keep learning and stay curious, and to find people who can offer guidance and support along the way.

What is one habit that helps you be productive?

One habit that has been instrumental in boosting my productivity is effective time management. I make it a point to prioritize tasks, set clear goals, and allocate dedicated time blocks for different activities. Additionally, I leverage productivity tools and techniques, such as the Pomodoro Technique and task batching, to maintain focus and maximize efficiency throughout the day.

When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, what do you do?

When I find myself feeling overwhelmed or unfocused, I take a step back and practice mindfulness techniques, such as deep breathing or meditation, to center myself and regain clarity. I also find it helpful to engage in physical activity, whether it’s going for a walk, hitting the gym, or practicing yoga, as it helps me clear my mind and re-energize. Additionally, I make sure to take regular breaks and disconnect from work to recharge and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Nikhil Mayakuntla profile

About Nikhil Mayakuntla

Nikhil Mayakuntla, from West Des Moines, IA, is a seasoned Java Developer with a Master’s in Computer Software Engineering from the University of Houston Clear Lake. With over nine years of expertise, he’s been pivotal at Pepsico in Dallas, TX, spearheading cloud-based applications using Java17 and Spring Boot 3.1. Previously, he led initiatives at Walmart and Home Depot, enhancing logistics and vendor interactions. Nikhil’s prowess extends to full-stack development, with notable contributions at GAP and CIOX Health. Based in Atlanta, GA, Nikhil continues to shape innovative solutions in the tech realm.

Brandon Ubiera

Brandon Ubiera

Brandon Ubiera is a successful leader and strategic thinker in the fast-paced world of business and entrepreneurship. He is the CEO of Alpha Timeshare Consultants, which provides expert guidance to people who own timeshares. Timeshare contracts can be tricky to navigate, but Ubiera’s company has helped numerous clients make sense of the complex details and succeed.

Under Ubiera’s guidance, Alpha Timeshare Consultants has become synonymous with reliability, delivering on its promise to help clients exit their contracts seamlessly and efficiently.

Brandon’s path to success in the business world is a story that inspires and teaches us valuable lessons. He grew up in the Bronx, a place full of life but also very tough, and this environment taught him to be tough and persistent when it came to achieving his goals. Later, he moved to Orlando, Florida, which opened up new opportunities to explore his passion for starting businesses and being an entrepreneur.

This interview delves into Brandon Ubiera’s mind, exploring the multifaceted nature of success, the essential qualities of a good entrepreneur, and the initial hurdles he faced upon taking the helm of Alpha Timeshare Consultants—an enterprise he inherited from his father. With deep reverence for his father’s legacy, Brandon’s ambition is to sustain and amplify the company’s success, building upon the solid foundation laid before him.

Interview with Brandon Ubiera

How do you define success, and how long did it take you to find it?

Achieving success goes beyond financial accomplishments and is instead associated with having a constructive influence on people’s lives. It involves accomplishing a purpose and leaving behind a significant legacy: family, spirituality, and personal impact.

Success is a constant process rather than an endpoint, requiring years of dedication, tenacity, and failure analysis to grasp this concept thoroughly. I never expect to achieve overnight success and enjoy the grind of building something that can help people solve a problem. 

What are the qualities of a good entrepreneur?

Being a successful entrepreneur requires a few essential qualities, such as the ability to think big, bounce back from setbacks, adjust to changes, and be very passionate about what you do. Moreover, entrepreneurs need to be able to spot opportunities, take well-planned risks, and overcome obstacles with a positive attitude. In addition, good communication skills, being a good leader, and building strong relationships are also necessary for business success.

What challenges did you have to overcome at the beginning of your journey?

I inherited the company from my father, and while I was grateful for the foundation he had laid, stepping into his shoes came with its own set of challenges. Building upon his legacy while establishing my identity within the company was a delicate balance. Additionally, the timeshare industry itself posed various obstacles, including legal complexities and a need for innovative solutions to help clients effectively exit their contracts.

What’s one trend that excites you?

I am excited by the increasing awareness and demand for sustainable and ethical business practices. Consumers today are more conscious about the environmental and social impact of the companies they support. Embracing sustainability benefits the planet and fosters trust and loyalty among customers.

What advice would you give your younger self?

I advise my younger self to embrace failure as an essential part of the journey. Each setback is an opportunity to learn and grow stronger. I would also emphasize the importance of building a reliable support network, seeking mentorship, and never underestimate the power of perseverance and resilience.

What is one habit that helps you be productive?

One habit that has contributed significantly to my productivity is setting clear goals and prioritizing tasks accordingly. I believe in focusing on high-impact activities that align with my long-term objectives. Additionally, maintaining a healthy work-life balance and taking time for self-care is crucial for sustained productivity and well-being.

When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, what do you do?

When I feel overwhelmed or unfocused, I turn to my faith and family for strength and guidance. Attending Faith Assembly Church with my family has been a grounding and spiritual nourishment. Taking a step back, practicing mindfulness, and reconnecting with my values helps me regain perspective and clarity during challenging times.

Key Takeaways

In our conversation with Brandon Ubiera, the CEO of Alpha Timeshare Consultants, we learned about his inspiring journey from the Bronx to becoming a successful business leader in Orlando, Florida. Ubiera shared his definition of success: a combination of both professional accomplishments and personal fulfillment. He explained that his success story was not built overnight but through hard work, persistence, and learning from every obstacle he encountered.

His advice to his younger self and aspiring entrepreneurs is poignant—embrace every setback as a stepping stone to greatness. Ubiera’s productivity is significantly boosted by a disciplined habit pattern anchored by his deep faith and family values. In moments of overwhelm, he finds solace and clarity in his faith and the support of his family, underscoring the balance between personal life and professional ambitions.

As we bring our interview to a close, Brandon Ubiera sets an example of what can be accomplished with a combination of strong values, creative ideas, and a determination to do better. His story is not just for aspiring business owners but for anyone who wants to make a positive impact in their chosen field. As he leads Alpha Timeshare Consultants to even greater success, his journey reminds us of the importance of strong leadership and finding fulfillment in our professional and personal lives. His example shows us that we can make a real difference in the world with hard work and dedication.

Brandon Ubiera in Orlando, Florida

Brandon Ubiera

Orlando, Florida

Brandon Ubiera is the CEO of Alpha Timeshare Consultants, which helps people exit their timeshare contracts. He grew up in the Bronx, New York, and uses his strength and kindness in his personal and professional life. Under Brandon’s leadership, Alpha Timeshare Consultants has been successful for over thirty years. He is also involved in community initiatives such as feeding the homeless and supporting underprivileged children. Brandon started a scholarship program for young entrepreneurs in need.

Damon Bernath

Damon Bernath

Damon Bernath is an electrical work expert with over twenty years of experience. He’s known for his ability to repair and install electrical systems in homes and businesses. His journey began in Ross, Ohio, a small but lively community close to Cincinnati. Damon is dedicated to his profession and his community, and his work is a testament to his commitment to both.

Interview with Damon Bernath

Damon, how do you define success, and how long did it take you to find it?

To me, success is more than just reaching certain goals or becoming rich. It’s about finding happiness in what you do, making a positive difference, and growing as a person and in your job. It took me a long time to realize what success really meant to me. I learned this by going through different experiences, both good and bad.

What qualities do you believe are essential for a good entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur requires specific qualities that are essential for success. These include being adaptable, resilient, and having a strong work ethic. To overcome challenges, you need to be able to change direction when necessary and always keep your goals in mind. Good communication skills are also necessary, as building and maintaining relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees are crucial for long-term success.

What challenges did you have to overcome at the beginning of your journey?

Starting out, one of the biggest challenges was establishing credibility and building a client base. As a young electrician, gaining the trust of homeowners and business owners took work. I had to work twice as hard to prove my skills and reliability. Like most people starting out, there were financial challenges in setting up my own business and managing cash flow during slower periods. Joining the IBEW was the best path for me to learn my trade. 

What’s one trend in your industry that excites you?

It’s really exciting how technology is being used to make our homes smarter. From lights and thermostats that can adjust themselves to whole-house systems that can be controlled from a phone, these advancements make our lives easier while also helping us save energy and stay safe. By keeping up with these new developments, I can offer my clients the latest and most innovative solutions for their homes.

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

It’s important to trust the process and be patient when it comes to building a successful business. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes time and effort to achieve your goals. Don’t be discouraged by failures, instead view them as opportunities to learn and improve. Stay focused on your objectives, and never underestimate the power of persistence. Success may not come overnight, but with passion and hard work, it will eventually come.

What is one habit that helps you stay productive?

Staying physically active is an important part of my life. I like to do things like lifting weights and riding motorcycles because they help me feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whenever I take a break and do these activities, I feel more focused and energized when I return to work. It’s a great way for me to recharge and be more productive.

When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, what do you do?

I prioritize spending quality time with my family. Our annual vacation to Cocoa Beach, Florida, has become a cherished tradition. These trips provide an opportunity for relaxation and family bonding, allowing me to mentally and emotionally recharge. The memories and experiences we create together remind us what truly matters in life.

Key Takeaways

After having a conversation with Damon Bernath, his story seems truly compelling. He started his career as an electrical apprentice and is now a proficient electrician with IBEW Local 212. Damon’s journey demonstrates his significant growth in skills and how he has deeply impacted various critical locations in Cincinnati. He has worked on projects such as the University of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Art Center, which proves that hard work, learning, and flexibility matter. His career highlights how dedication leads to meaningful community contributions. Damon’s tale encourages future electricians, showing that skilled work can make a significant impact on building and improving our surroundings.

Damon Bernath

Cincinnati, Ohio

Damon Bernath has been a highly experienced electrician in Cincinnati, Ohio, since 1999. He has been part of many big projects, such as the Cincinnati Art Center, Wright Patt Air Force Base, and the University of Cincinnati dorm addition. He is very skilled and can work on a variety of electrical systems. For example, he helped upgrade the electrical systems at Miami Oxford University to meet modern needs. Before joining IBEW, Damon completed an apprenticeship with VBE Electric, where he learned the basics of electrical work. He graduated from Colerain High School.

Hallie Schauer

Hallie Schauer

Meet Hallie Schauer, a seasoned Registered Nurse whose career spans over 30 years. Having earned degrees from Montana State University, Hallie has worked in various healthcare settings, including cancer care, surgery, and assisted living. She is skilled in critical care and different medical procedures, and she’s also deeply dedicated to her community, holding leadership roles and volunteering widely. 

Now living in Sheridan, Wyoming, Hallie contributes her expertise at the Welch Cancer Center. She enjoys fishing, golfing, and hunting in her free time. Her story is a testament to the impact one person can have in healthcare and beyond, offering valuable insights for anyone interested in the field or making a difference in their community.

The Interview with Hallie Schauer

How do you define success, and how long did it take you to find it?

Success isn’t about reaching a specific endpoint. It’s about the journey, impacting others positively, offering comfort, and growing personally and professionally. I discovered my success when I saw the difference my work makes, no matter how small.

What are the qualities of a good nurse?

Being empathetic, strong, and a good listener is crucial in nursing. It’s more than just knowing about medicine; it’s about forming connections with patients, grasping their worries, and providing support. Effective nurses blend their medical skills with the ability to offer emotional comfort to those in their care.

What challenges did you have to overcome at the beginning of your journey?

Switching from book learning to actual caregiving was a giant leap. Each patient is different, and meeting their needs while keeping quality care was challenging.

What’s one trend that excites you?

I’m thrilled about how tech is changing healthcare. Things like online doctor visits and better tests are making it easier for everyone to get good healthcare.

What advice would you give your younger self?

I welcome every challenge and chance. You grow the most in your personal and work life in the tough times.

What is one habit that helps you be productive?

Take care of yourself. Nursing is tough. To keep sharp and full of energy, I rest, do things I enjoy, and spend time with family and friends.

When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, what do you do?

I pause and take a deep breath. A bit of calm or a chat with a coworker can make a big difference, helping me refocus and come back even stronger.

Key Takeaways

Hallie Schauer’s story shows us the huge impact one person can have. Her passion, willingness to learn, and genuine care for her patients motivate current and future nurses. Her story teaches us that real success is about the positive change we bring to others’ lives. 

Since 2018, Hallie has been a valued RN/PRN at the Welch Cancer Center, working between Sheridan, Wyoming, and Phoenix, Arizona. Her commitment deeply affects her patients’ lives, showing the power of perseverance and compassion in nursing.

Hallie Schauer

Hallie currently resides in Sheridan, Wyoming, where she continues contributing to healthcare as an RN/PRN at Welch Cancer Center while actively participating in volunteer activities and pursuing her passions for fishing, golfing, and hunting.

Anthony Laurance

Anthony Laurance

In the ever-changing landscape of Information Technology, few professionals have left as significant a mark as Anthony “Andy” Laurance in Marietta, Georgia. Andy’s career spans over 25 years in the IT industry, serving as an inspiration and valuable source of knowledge. Andy has continuously updated his skills after obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Florida’s School of Engineering in 1985. He holds certifications in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). Furthermore, he is pursuing his PMP certification to enhance his project management skills. Andy’s expertise in IT Asset Management has led him to spearhead initiatives and oversee operations for leading manufacturing companies like AAN, Inc. and Supreme Resources.

As we sit down with Andy, we explore not just his storied career but also his insights on success, change management, and the future of IT.

Interview with Anthony Laurance

Q: How do you define success, and how long did it take to find it?

Success is not just a destination; it’s an ongoing journey I pursue relentlessly. I measure success by the tangible difference I make in the efficiency of operations, my team’s satisfaction, and the company’s growth. Achieving early milestones was just the beginning, and I continue to strive for true, fulfilling success through continuous learning and improvement.

Q: What are the qualities of a good change manager?

Adaptability, vision, and empathy are the hallmarks of a great change manager. With the ability to anticipate the effects of change, adjust strategies as needed, and understand and support their team during transition, they lead by example and inspire those around them to do the same. Through this kind of leadership, we can achieve great things and positively impact the world.

Q: What challenges did you have to overcome at the beginning of your journey?

The technology landscape was vastly different when I started. My initial hurdles were keeping up with rapid technological advancements and proving my worth in a competitive environment. It required constant learning and flexibility.

Q: What’s one trend that excites you?

The integration of AI and machine learning in everyday IT operations excites me. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize how we approach problem-solving and innovation.

Q: What advice would you give your younger self?

Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. And never underestimate the power of networking; your connections can open doors you never knew existed.

Q: What is one habit that helps you be productive?

Prioritization and time management. Every day, I identify the most critical tasks and tackle them first. This approach keeps me focused and ensures I maximize my time.

Q: When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, what do you do?

I take a step back and meditate. Meditation helps me regain clarity and focus, allowing me to approach tasks with a refreshed perspective.


Andy Laurance’s insights are a testament to his profound understanding of the IT sector and his unwavering commitment to excellence. His journey, marked by continuous learning and adaptation, offers invaluable lessons for aspiring IT professionals everywhere. In 2024, Andy joined ServeCo North America as a Senior Data Management Specialist.

In his new role at ServeCo North America, Andy Laurance will leverage his expertise to enhance data management processes, drive efficiency, and contribute to the company’s mission of delivering exceptional products and services to its customers.

Anthony Laurance

Anthony “Andy” Laurance is a highly skilled IT professional with over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology sector. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Florida’s School of Engineering in 1985. Andy’s expertise is further strengthened by his certifications in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and his status as a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). Andy has a proven track record of success in this field. He has worked as the IT Manager at AAN, Inc., Supreme Resources, and LSI Technologies. Currently, he serves as the Senior Data Management Specialist at ServeCo North America.

Adebola Aderinto

Adebola Aderinto

Adebola Debbie Aderinto is a Philadelphia attorney specializing in labor and employment law. Her experience moving from Nigeria to the United States at the age of 11 paved the way for a remarkable career in law. With an impressive educational background and a commitment to her community, Aderinto has become a rising star in labor and employment law.

Debbie pursued her legal education at Suffolk University Law School, earning her J.D. in 2016 and receiving the Distinguished Oral Advocate Award. Her commitment to excellence was evident as she was honored with the CCWC My Life As a Lawyer Scholarship and the Harter Secrest & Emery LLP Diversity Scholarship. Before law school, she completed her undergraduate studies at Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management, where she received a B.B.A. in 2011 and was recognized with the Temple Scholar Award – Barbara and Jim Conen Family Scholarship.

Aderinto’s involvement in the Philadelphia Barristers’ Association and her service as an alumnus of the Summer Search Foundation showcases her dedication to her legal profession and the betterment of her community.

The Debbie Aderinto Interview:

1. How do you define success, and how long did it take you to find it?

Success is about achieving your goals while maintaining your integrity and helping others. It took several years of hard work, determination, and self-discovery to find my own path to success. Success is not a destination; it’s a continuous journey of growth and learning.

2. What are the qualities of a reasonable attorney, particularly in labor and employment law?

Empathy, attention to detail, strong communication skills, and the ability to adapt to evolving regulations are crucial in my field. Clients often face challenging and sensitive situations, so a skilled attorney must be compassionate and understanding while providing sound legal counsel.

3. What challenges did you have to overcome at the beginning of your journey?

Coming to the United States as a child was a significant challenge. Adapting to a new culture and educational system was tough, but it also taught me resilience and the importance of perseverance. Later on, navigating law school as a first-generation student presented its own set of challenges, but I was fortunate to have a strong support system that helped me overcome them.

4. What’s one labor and employment law trend that excites you?

The increasing focus on workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion is truly exciting. It’s heartening to see organizations taking proactive steps to create more inclusive and equitable workplaces. Nearly 1 in 5 employees with disabilities report experiencing discrimination at work. Correcting diversity and inclusion will have a lasting positive impact on both employees and employers.

5. What advice would you give your younger self if you could go back in time?

I would tell my younger self not to be afraid of failure. Mistakes are growth opportunities, often leading to the most valuable lessons. Embrace challenges and setbacks as stepping stones on your journey to success.

6. What is one habit that helps you be productive in your demanding profession?

Time management is key. I prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and maintain a structured schedule. Additionally, I take breaks and practice self-care to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

7. When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, what do you do?

When I’m overwhelmed, I take a short break away from my work. Sometimes, a brief walk, meditation, or even deep breathing helps clear my mind and refocus my energy. It’s important to recharge and return to my tasks with a fresh perspective.

Key Takeaways

As we wrap up our conversation with Adebola Debbie Aderinto, it’s evident that her dedication to labor and employment law goes far beyond her profession. Her insights into success, the qualities of a good attorney, and the evolving trends in her field serve as an inspiration to aspiring lawyers and advocates for workers’ rights everywhere. In an ever-changing legal landscape, Debbie continues to make her mark, ensuring that justice prevails in workplaces across Philadelphia and beyond.

Debbie Aderinto

Adebola Debbie Aderinto is a lawyer who specializes in Labor & Employment law. She received her J.D. degree from Suffolk University Law School in 2016 and her B.B.A. from Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management in 2011. Her linguistic background is diverse, as she speaks fluent Spanish and Yoruba, which she incorporates into her practice. Debbie participates in the Philadelphia Barristers’ Association and a alumnus of the Philadelphia’s Summer Search Foundation. In addition to her legal pursuits, she enjoys giving back to the community, spending quality time with family, and traveling to new destinations.